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In Cameron Park, CA: Allen Hughes, Anthony Patsfield, Amy Quijada, Deborah Ritchie, Joanne Fratis, John Nolan, Joyce Joy, Kathy Patsfield, Lesa Walker, Lisa Rodgers, Mesja Weinberger, Randy Long, Reza Zargari, Shawn Ebrahimi, Tami Moreno, Teresa Taresh, and Walt Sanders

In Auburn, CA: Dawn Elliott, Jenna Madrigal and Laura Davis 

In West Sacramento, CA: Rich Sondhi

In Arroyo Grande, CA:  Angela Plummer, Sharon Nevitt and Carol Taylor

In Paso Robles, CA: Chris Bonnema and Vincent Mohr



Dineen Anderson
Chris Bonnema
Mike Cepeda
Shawn Ebrahimi
Dawn Elliott
Joanne Fratis
Allen Hughes
Joyce Joy
Randy Long
Jenna Madrigal
Vincent Mohr
Tami Moreno
Sharon Nevitt
John Nolan
Tony Patsfield
Kathy Patsfield
Angela Plummer
Amy Quijada
Deborah Ritchie
Rich Sondhi
Chris Stahl
Teresa Taresh
Carol Sue Taylor
Mesja Weinberger
Reza Zargari